Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Crème in The Ultimatte

I have to say I simply love the new metallic matte lipsticks that are beginning to make their way to shops! This one is called The Ultimatte, and it's a Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Crème, what a mouthful! The shade is basically a cool dark pink with a metallic sheen. A simple and easy colour, and looks great with my skin tone. The product looks a bit darker in the tube, but on my lips this is the perfect tone. They staying power is amazing, I barely have to touch it up once or twice during an eight hour work day with lunch.

The Ultimatte is one of the newest shades in the range. I picked mine up from a CVS at San Francisco. It looks like the Nordic online shops don't yet carry this shade, but I hope they will get the new ones, as I'd love to try the other shades as well. 

Lets see if my matte lipstick obsession will move towards the metallics, as more appear. So far I only have this one and a metallic Velvetine from Lime Crime, and both look gorgeous. While matte finishes allow you to shape your lips easily, the metallics make lips look more plump and are maybe a little bit less drying than mattes. I still love the liquid-to-matte formula that makes the lippie stay in place with no smudging or feathering. This is the best of both worlds!

Monday, 10 April 2017

Sugarpill Trinket

I'm a big fan of Sugarpill products, as you might already know. When they came out with liquid to matte lipsticks, I just had to try them out! I have so far tried three: Trinket (pictured here), Kim Chi and Strange Love, the lippie from Sugarpill's Valentine's set. Kim Chi was insanely hard to get to work with my skin tone, and Strange Love wasn't as dark on me as in the shop pictures, so those two have gone to new loving homes.

Sugarpill Trinket

Trinket has stuck, and maybe you can see why. The shade is very unique, a peachy pink with golden glitter. In my pics the lipstick is freshly applied, but the glitter becomes more obvious with wear. Trinket leans towards orange on me, but it just somehow works amazingly.

The golden glitter makes the shade appear more orange than the peachy base on its own. It's still not too orange, but just the perfect golden peachy blush shade that is hard to capture and describe. The formula is very nice, lightweight and stays forever. I'm not a big fan of the truffle scent, but it doesn't linger long on the lips, so I can live with that. For some reason the printed markings on my tube seem to fade very fast when I keep the lipstick in my bag or a pocket. They don't stand as much wear as what I'm used to with lippies. It's a minor issue, but makes the tube look a but untidy.

Trinket is very easy to apply and I don't need to touch it up in hours. It is a bit demanding on the eye make-up, I would maybe not do very colourful looks to go with it since Trinket is so bright. I find this to be a good thing, as I can just put on mascara and add Trinket and be all ready to go. A lovely product!

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Kat von D Shade + Light Plum Quad and Two Looks

I had had my eye on the Shade + Light Plum Quad by Kat von D for some time, but since I didn't come across any lightly used previously owned ones, I picked one up from Debenhams at London. They had a wonderful counter with shiny black antique furniture and lovely sales reps.

I didn't catch that the the palette has actual bevelled letters on the cover until I took it out of the cardboard box. I love it!
I really like the shape of the palette and the lettering is gorgeous.

Plum shades usually work very well on my eyes, bringing out the green in them. For some reason this palette is quite tricky to get to show correctly in photos. I think it looks too red in my pictures, when IRL the two middle shades, especially the darker one, lean more towards purple.

The shades don't seem to have names, so I'll call them by their use. Base is a pinkish beige, a bit darker than my skin but not much. Define is a deep plum, less red than in my pictures, but still with red undertones to make it nicely bring out green eyes. Contour is much like a darker version of base, but slightly more taupe and cool. Highlight is a very light warm pink. All of the are matte.

I did two different looks with the palette so far. All of the shadows are very pigmented but are still easy to blend. With so much pigment you really need the base shade to use as help when blending out the edges of the darker shades. I often use the same brush and just lightly brush off the pigment to switch to another shade, but with these shades you really need to grab a new brush if you go for a lighter shade. The two middle ones are intense and dark.

Highlight on inner corner and brow bone, define at the crease and outer edge, contour on the lid and blended up. I blended the edges of contour with the base shade. The liner is Urban Decay Delinquent, a dark purple with some glitter.

 I'm still learning how to do make-up after the eye lift, but I'm pretty happy with my lids now! I don't have to bring the crease shadow as high up as I used to, so I have much more space for blending it out towards the brows. Also my lids is more visible, so it allows better use of light shades on the lid, instead of everything looking like a smoky eye when the hooded part of the lid fell over the moving lid to hide anything I put there.

Naturally I wanted to try a smoky eye next!

For the smoky eye look, I put higlight on the inner corner and brow bone. The I added countour on the whole lid and blended up with the help of base. I then put define on the lash line on both upper and lower lid, and just a touch in the crease. The lipstick is a metallic liquid-to-matte from Milani. The look is quite dark, but that's just how I like it!

Look how the scar is almost invisible already! It's been a little over three weeks since the operation.

I would have wished for the shades to be even more red, to have a more stunning effect on my eyes. I have one ancient pressed eyeshadow that is just the right shade of plum to make my eyes look vividly green, but I have not been able to find anything that does the same. I still do like the Kat von D quad, it's easy to use, the highlight shade is good (I mention this because for some reason palettes rarely have light enough highlight shades for my pale skin) and you can do many kinds of looks with the four shades. The pigment is amazing and the texture of the shades is great, they are easy to blend and all the shades work well together. While this palette may not be the one I pick up for party looks, it is a very nice palette for sculpted matte looks and matte smoky eyes. 

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Green Liner

This is me on the first day of my life when eyeliner pencil actually stayed where I put it instead of transferring to my upper lid or smudging to the crease! When my eyes are open, the scars from the eye lift are hidden. I absolutely love it that I can finally do winged liner properly and use eyeliner pencils without them smudging! I have not yet put eyeshadow on, and the scars are a bit bumpy and red, but healing well.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Kat von D Sanctuary, Hawkwind and Crucifix Compared

I took a million pictures with my heavy-duty DLSR camera but in the end couldn't get the colours to look accurate in any of them, so instead I offer you iPhone snaps ;D

I got a couple of the new neutral Kat von D shades while in San Francisco and wanted to do a comparison with other similar shades in my collection. Beiges and browns are notoriously hard to get to look correct in photos, but I think I did a decent job with these. The pictures are taken in artificial light.

From top to bottom: Make-Up Monsters Wolfsbane, Kat von D Sanctuary, Kat von D Hawkwind and Kat von D Lolita.
Sanctuary works excellent on my pale skin with yellow undertones. It is warmer and more red than Wolfsbane, but still more towards grey than Hawkwind or Lolita. Wolfsbane and Sanctuary look much more similar in the tube than on skin. Hawkwind and Lolita are very close to each other. I'd say Hawkwind is slightly darker and redder, but the difference is very small on my lips.
Top to bottom: (Lolita peeking on top) Sephora Cream Lip Stain number 24 Burnt Sienna,
Black Moon Cosmetics Wrath (this one has a satin finish, that's why it's shinier than the rest),
Nyx Lip Lingerie 10 Teddy and Kat von D Crucifix.
Crucifix seems to be unique in my collection. The rest of my dark brownish tones are much more red than it. You can see that the Nyx Lip Lingerie is a lot thinner in consistency than the others, and Black Moon Cosmetics lippies are satin, not completely matte. The Sephora Cream Lip Stain looked like it could be a match to Crucifix in the tube, but on skin it's very different.

I really like all the shades I bough: Hawkwind, Sanctuary and Crucifix. They are very different from each other but each one is usable and the formula is simply awesome. Hawkwind especially is a very natural and easy shade to wear, on me it's one of those my-lip-but-better shades. Easy to apply, does not need major touching up, and wonderful shades. What more could you ask for?

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Braid

Last Saturday I was DJing at Gothic Night and my friend Anniina (check out her Instagram for more awesome hair stuff!) was so nice as to agree to do my hair! I needed something that would stay put for hours, look goth enough and hide the weird tuft of hair that is my old shaved side I'm now growing out. Anniina came up with this wonderful braid hair-do that works excellently in my thick hair!

I'm wearing a Lip Service dress with an open back and a racerback bra with a lace insert.
Really like how the lace shows!

And a couple of pictures of the make up! I had eyelid surgery done a little over a week ago, so I still look a bit beat up. I consider myself a genius for coming up with the idea to hide the last traces of bruises under my eyes with the blue stripes ;D 

You will be seeing the scars up close in my future eye make-up pictures, but I'm hoping they will fade well. I have hereditary heavy lids, which with time would most likely have been so bad that they would hinder my sight. Within about 10-20 years I would have been able to get the surgery done by public health services, but I didn't feel like looking tired and having headaches due to straining my forehead for that long, so I had it done now. I'll most likely do a post on the procedure later. I just wanted to be honest with why I look a bit weird in these pics and make sure no one is worried, I'm absolutely fine! And I'd say for nine days after the surgery and no make-up on the incision area I look pretty decent ;P The liner looks like it's too far from my lashes, but that's just the swelling.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Lime Crime Diamond Crushers in Choke Review

Please note, I cannot recommend ordering these products from Lime Crime's own online shop due to people having problems with customer service!

I bought a Diamond Crushers lip topper from Urban Outfitters at San Francisco. The product seemed unique, I've never seen something like this, and even though the brand is not among my faves due to bad customer service, it felt safe enough to try a couple of products bought directly from a store.

The lip toppers are meant to be worn as is on lips, on top of other lipstick, on cheeks as highlight and on brows, according to the Lime Crime site. I tried Choke on its own and on top of Kat von D liquid lipstick in Echo, which is a dark blue. I have the feeling I should have swiped the product on my fingers and patted it on my lips instead of applying straight from the wand on top of another lipstick. Applying with the wand resulted in a very thick application, even when I tried to pat it a bit to get the product to go on evenly. It did not melt the lipstick underneath, which is great.

I have to say I'm a bit confused with the name, as it seems to be a plural.

Diamond Crushers in Choke
 In the tube Choke is light pink and shimmery. On its own the base is see-through and the glitter is lavender, pink and green, but seems to shift with the base colour. The doe foot applicator is bright pink, which made me first think that the product is bright pink too, but it seems to be just the colour of the fluffy end of the wand.

The glitter is very hard to capture in the tube

Choke on bare lips

Choke goes easily on bare lips and dries to a non-sticky finish. The glitter is intense and shows well and does not feather or otherwise escape to other areas, which is great! So the natural next step was to try Choke on top of another lipstick.

On top of Echo, a dark blue, all the pink seems to vanish and Choke looks more silver and blue. It goes on quite thickly, but isn't too bad to wear.

Lime Crime Diamond Crushers in Choke on top of Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Echo

Choke in direct sunlight on top of Echo
Even when layered on top of another lipstick Choke does not make my lips sticky, as the gif below tries to artfully demonstrate. You can press your lip together without the lipsticks shifting on transferring.

I like this product. It's very unique and I have a soft spot for all things glittery. I also own lots of liquid-to-matte lipsticks and these kinds of products might help me get some extra out of my collection! Choke does what it is supposed to do and gives me a way to wear glitter without having to fiddle with loose glitter and mixing liquids, and the finish is long lasting. I might even get this in another shade eventually!

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